Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WIP: Kid Painted Quilt #3 - Spraying Fabric

We seem to be on a roll with splashing paint on fabric. This time we used spray bottles to apply our paint to fabric. To say I'm bored of the standard pink & purple color request from the girls would be an understatement. But I like to indulge them in some areas.

I added orange and gold to the mix of our BioColor and the BioColor Fabric Medium and I added a little bit of water to ensure the paint left our spray bottles easily.

My eldest worked out how to spray straight lines immediately. 

They had a remarkably long attention span for this project. Here they are considering what they have made so far. 

They were at the spraying for a LONG time ... it was very quiet. They liked the spray bottles a lot more than the throwing of paint. Such concentration.

We will have to see how the fabric looks after it is washed - but it does look quite cool!

Our other kid painted fabric projects this summer have included:
Kid painted Quilt #4 - Shaving Foam Rainbow Quilt
Please do not forget about the charity I Spy quilt - we are still looking for scrap fabric donations.


Sue said...

OK, you've finally got me. I'm going to get some dye this week and mess around with some hand dyed fabrics. I need your two helpers to do the artistic work. How will dog paws do?

Unknown said...

I think puppy paws would be kind of cool no?