Friday, August 30, 2013

Free Tutorial/Pattern: Knitting Tartan

Using my new knitting machine I thought I would try and knit up some tartan something like this ...

The idea was to use a mixture of knitting & weaving in long threads to make up the pattern in a simple manner and also use up some left over yarn that has been sitting around in my work space for far too long.

I think this can be knitted by hand or with a machine and the concept could be used with any color/size of yarn.

This is what I did.

Cast on: 130 stitches
k6 rows of dark pink
k4 rows of medium pink
k2 rows of light pink
k2 rows of white
k2 rows of light pink
(20 rows)

Repeat until you have 160 rows.
k further 6 rows of dark pink. Total 166 rows.

You should have an approximate square. (I usually work out squares by multiplying the number of stitches my 1.3 to find out the number of rows I need to knit.

While you are casting off (still in the dark pink) drop the 7th stitch and then every 13th stitch. You should have 10 dropped stitches.  (Don't panic while you are dropping those stitches it seemed everything I shouldn't be doing to me too!)

(Apologies for the light/quality of the next 3 photos - they were snapped on my iPhone.)

I weaved into my dropped stitches 8 strands of yarn - 1 dark pink, 1 white, 1 medium pink, 2 medium pink, 1 medium pink, 1 white, 1 dark pink. You can see the pattern below.  

Once you have finished filling in the dropped stitches with weaving in strands of yarn you can add strands of yarn into the knitting horizontally as well. I put a white strand in every 2nd and 5th stitch of the dark pink yarn. You can see how I wove in yarn below.

Once you have finished weaving you should have something that looks like this.

I didn't add a border to my blanket I just added a 3" fringe. To get a 3" fringe cut 6.5" strips and trim once all the tassels have been attached. 

Here is my finished blanket. Perfect for a baby/stroller blanket.

I used some Debbie Bliss yarn that I have had lying about for way too long (a mixture of Cashmerino DK, Cashmerino Aran.) Debbie Bliss yarn gets mixed reviews - but the feeling of it is delicious - perfect for little people and babies. It is so soft and I find it knits very easily.

Perfect for keeping little toes warm.

Well this little blanket is all ready to get wrapped off to keep a little person warm for this coming Winter.


SylviaC said...

I really like this blanket, thanks for the tutorial.

Unknown said...

It is a pleasure Sylvia - it was a fun project to create.

Anonymous said...

Just the pattern I was looking for. I'm going to knit some wintery tartan pillows. Thanks for the helpful pattern.