Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stash Scraps

Remember this stash? Well it is now substantially reduced due to my desire to bring dinosaurs back into common existence ...
... and now I have very limited stash ... mostly blues ... I found this free pattern from Lion Brand which I have now begun to knit and adapt in earnest. The squares are really quick and easy. The pattern really satisfies my need to use up every last scrap of valuable yarn. My poor sewing machine has seen little to no action (apart from the odd little job such as securing a hem on her weeny tiny person sized jeans.) Baby bunny turns 1 soon - can you believe it? She recently took her first steps alone - although she prefers to walk while grasping your finger tightly and noisily insisting you go where ever she wants to go ...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Crochet your cares away

I've been struggling to motivate myself with my continuous cable border exploration. I find that that long stretch of time needed to really concentrate and make notes is just not available to me! Baby bunny (who is now nearly 11 months old - can you believe it?) is into everything - cupboards, toilets, bags, kitchen trashcan, drawers - anything and everything is of great interest and needs to be explored and explored now!

So I've put down my concentration-needy knitting and picked up my crochet hook. I found this idea on Ravelry and decided to take it on a bit further for the border of a blanket.
The petals are scattered at random on one corner. This method allows you to crochet the flowers as you go - so no messy strands or sewing flowers onto the blanket.

The trickiest bit of the border was working out how many crochet stitches were needed for the sides of the blanket.I used the same sized crochet hook as my knitting needles. For the starter row used 1 crochet stitch for every knitted stitch at the ends of the blanket ("sc into knitted st, skip next knitted st and ch1" repeat to end) ...
... and 7 crochet stitches for every 9 knitted stitches for the sides of the blanket: ("sc into knitted st, skip next knitted st and ch1, sc into next knitted st, skip next two knitted sts and ch1, sc into next knitted st, skip next two knitted st" repeat to end). The corners are made by sc 3 times into same stitch. I hope my scrappy diagram above explains it a little clearer. Once the starter row is complete just keep sc into every st - 3 sc at the corners - adding the flowers as and when you please. I crocheted 4 complete rounds of the blanket - adding flowers on rounds 2 and 4.