Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Our trip to the UK over Christmas was a bit of a disaster. Our flight out was delayed on the runway due to snow some 5 hours. Keeping a small tired little one happy in a stationery plane would be something close to hell. Once we got to England Baby Bunny got really ill (we were about to leave for the emergency room when the doctor said he would see her immediately), then I got sick, then my mother got sick, then my husband got sick ... do you see the pattern? Seeing my 9 month old being sick, being so listless - all she wanted to do was sleep ... well it was utterly heart breaking and rather took the shimmer out of Christmas.

We got home - all utterly jet lagged. It took Baby Bunny about a week to recover - and by this point (after 17 days of bad sleep) it took me another week to recover. Finally I feel about normal! So I have had little motivation to get off my bunny bottom and do anything but slouch in a heap during the quieter moments.

But I am working on another continuous cable blanket - here is a sneak peak at the pattern I am trying to work out ...... working out a 6 strand lattice cable pattern that goes seamlessly around corners is confusing me. And if that last sentence made no sense to you - then you see my point!

And I'm midway through a scrappy quilt ...... must use up every last piece of fabric! I really hope to have something of more substance to share with you soon. Hope you are all surviving the winter weather.