Thursday, December 10, 2009

A look back on 2009

Where has 2009 gone?

Here are a few little highlights of my year.
I haven't achieved as much as I would like crafting wise - but the year been SO fulfilling in many other ways. I was so scared of becoming a mother - but now I can't imagine life without (what I consider to be - although I might be biased) the most lovely, peachy cheeked little girl ever (no no - I'm not biased at all!)

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and best wishes for what I hope will be an exciting 2010 for all of us.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Continuous Cable Border

I'm really trying to write down my knitting patterns as I go but I find it really hard to be totally happy with them. I so want to be able to communicate clearly with someone how to make the pattern - but we all think/work so differently - I worry that my directions will frustrate or confuse.

Baby bunny has lots of new mobility skills (she has taken to rolling around everywhere and recently learnt to pull up.) I find my eyes have to be glued to her at all times so she doesn't find her way into the dogs toys (yum) or pulls anything off a table that land on her head (ouch). I have been finding that knitting is an easy thing for me to pick up and put down quickly. (Every peaceful moment is now a crafting moment.) Here she is inspecting my stitches.The border on this blanket is made using a a simple cable pattern. I joined the border to the blanket by knitting into stitches along the sides of the blanket and I joined the two ends of the border together using the three needle bind off technique.The same principle can be used with any pattern you care to use for a border. And the bonus is - no sewing is required! Do you like my fancy corners?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Lucky Baby Bunny

Our dear friends had been trying for a baby and when they came to visit the baby bunny at only 10 days old - my friend held her and said 'perhaps you will be my good luck charm'. And her baby magic dust must have been powerful ... this weekend was their baby shower.

Baby Ella is due in December and I'm so thrilled for them and utterly thrilled that my baby bunny was their lucky charm. I inquired about a little pressie and a Rachael Rabbit play mat/picnic mat was requested.

I don't often say this (so it must be true) but my photos do not really do this justice. I haven't really done any sewing pieces since the baby bunny arrived. And this is almost flawless - I was quite pleased with it. I used House Collection fabric ...... I hand tied the quilt with tiny little crosses, it has a double layer of batting - so it is extra soft for Baby Ella's tummy time ...... I used beautiful velvet ric-rac given to me by Anne of Bunny Hill Designs, ...... the gift bag has felt letters ironed to it using that super sticky stuff.I think (hope) the mummy-to-be was pleased with it too.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Knitting Again

I had forgotten how calm and serene the world becomes when I knit.

I have been designing cable hats and I've been rather obsessed with making pretty patterns on the crown of the hats.
I just love knitting cables.I hope to post the patterns on my Ravelry page soon.

A little bunny update. She is now starting solids ... she loves peas, pears, prunes but she doesn't like peaches ... she grabs the spoon and swallows with great gusto ... it is awfully cute and terribly terribly messy ;-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

You Are Never to Young to Paint

Learning to paint ...What master pieces the baby bunny has made ...Once trimmed and signed they make the most adorable cards. We are SO proud of her first crafting project I'm not sure if we will ever be able to use the cards!!

AND I've found time to start knitting again ... I've forgotten just how much I love to knit.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sewing Calendar

I was so pleased to receive my copy of the 2010 Sewing Calendar edited by Megan Smith and published by Accord. I was even more excited to see the Rachael Rabbit Simple Hot Water Bottle Cover featured on the inside cover ...... and our 3 little sewing projects in February, July & October.There are many wonderful crafters in the calendar - I was really honored to be asked to be a part of it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tutorial: Simple Baby Beach/Bath Towel

Here is a super easy tutorial for recycling that old 'odd-one-out' towel that you may have hanging around in the airing cupboard. This took me one baby nap to make ... so it is a really quick and easy project.

Simple Baby Beach/Bath Towel Set
You will need:
- 1 clean old towel
- bias tape
- cotton for sewing

1) Take your old towel and using this diagram as a guide cut a square and a small triangle (hood)
2) Sew your bias tape to the outer edge of the hood
3) Pin the hood to one corner of your square and sew in place
4) Sew your bias tape around the entire square

NOTE: You can use the remaining toweling material to make a matching flannel ... ...or a friendly bath buddy ...
Another idea for this project is available here:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aaahhh some sewing

Finally I managed to find a couple of moments to sit in front of Bernie!!

It seems to be baby making time in our peer group. Most of our friends have either just had one (or some), are pregnant or are planning to get pregnant soon. Our dear friends who left New York for opportunities in Hong Kong are just about to have twins! I find one exhausting enough ... two ... at once - well I hang my hat up to anyone who copes with that!

I wanted to send them a little something 'hand made with love'. So in between the baby squeaking I sewed some old scraps together and made two little mini quilts in a carefree Denyse Schmidt esq process.We have used our little super simple baby blanket so much. We use it to put down on the floor for some wriggle or tummy time, out in the car or stroller, wrap her up for a cosy cuddle ... the uses seem to be endless and the ease of washing and tumble drying essential. I hope these two little scrappy quilts are useful too!I obviously wanted to document the little quilts ... but my little model was a little shy and uncooperative. How can something so small wiggle quite so much!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Look what Nana made

I have not found a moment to do any crafting yet (those moments I do have I focus on mundane things like fitting in a shower!) ... but just look what Nana made us. Isn't it just wonderful?
It is the most beautiful blue and white quilt. Each picture is hand embroidered. It is impossible to pick a favorite picture - they are all so utterly cute.
The detail is just amazing - I can't imagine the hours and hours and hours it took. I secretly suspect Nana must love her great grandchild a great deal already to have poured such effort affection into such a piece!
The quilt has two matching cushions as well! Perfect accessories for that toddler bed in a couple of years time.
And the dearest blue bird backing material with my favorite kind of label - hand stitched and made with love.
Charlotte is so very lucky to have such a talented Nana.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wow .... and where did March go?

I'm blown away by all your well wishes and compliments on our new little bunny. Thank you - and I'm sorry I haven't yet had a chance to respond to your e-mails. Days seem to be pretty packed with looking after the little one these days.

So far I have been utterly blessed from the whole birth experience to the good humor of the little one (although she has had a couple of screaming fits just to prove to us her impressive lung capacity!) I have a new found respect for mother nature and how complex the human body is - I'm just in awe of how she grew to be and then came into this world - it is way beyond my comprehension at least.

I have found that being a human milk machine is way more tiring than I expected - napping when she sleeps and ramming food in my mouth (say bye bye to relaxed evening meals!) when every possible seems to be key to my sanity. I used to question people who had children that said 'I haven't found time to eat anything today' ... how I understand that comment now!

3 weeks old today - and it might sound strange but it is like we have always had her ...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Someone came a bit early ....

Tomorrow is my official due date but our little bunny came a bit early ...
Charlotte Emily
arrived 1.11am March 11th 2009
6lbs 14 oz

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Little Baby Bunny Break

NOTE: This post was typed up earlier in the week and scheduled to post automatically on the 12th March. So yes - I spent my anniversary and birthday in the hospital - but with perhaps the best birthday present ever!

Today I have been blogging for two years. It is also my birthday. It is also my 4th wedding anniversary! Lots to celebrate! I can't believe how quickly time flies by.

I'm going to take a little break from blogging for the next few weeks to prepare for (and recover from) our new arrival - but I promise to let you know once the little bunny has arrived. Thank you all so much for your best wishes - I'm scared - but curious to meet the little lady.

In the meantime here is a really cute picture of what I looked like as a little girl. Do you think she will look like this?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nesting with my Needles

The count down is officially on for the arrival of the new baby bunny - and it seems I am refusing to slow down. I had planned that I would spend these last few weeks as a 'resting' period. Where I could curl up on the sofa, watch movies, generally pamper myself and the large bump I'm hauling around - most of all stacking up on some extra sleep that I won't be getting for the next 3 months. However it seems that I am still running around doing things at full tilt, brisk doggie walks in the park - like the most energized pregnant person you have seen - occasionally I might pass out for a quick 'nap' (of a couple of hours or so .... hum.)

This week, ignoring all the baby orientated things I should be doing, I spent a day pulling together my first knitting needle organizer. Before I could begin on my pattern I had to first sort through the pile of knitting needles I kept loose in this bag. The bag had done a sterling job for a while - but as my knitting needle collection has grown it has become harder to find needles quickly - or even know what needles I have. For example I had completely given up on trying to find my beloved chunky cable needle and my naff blue plastic needle I love to use to sew knitted pieces together. But once the bag was emptied properly I discovered that they had been hiding in there all along! Some time ago my mother had also given me a large collection of old knitting needles. I did discard the bent ones but I was still left with a whole array of different lengths and sizes. How would I measure all these strange unmarked sizes? Luckily I had an antique bell gauge in amongst the collection as well ... ... which I soon learned was not that helpful as many of the old UK sizes do not really exist anymore. So I have learnt quite a lot about old knitting UK needle sizes and in the process I discovered the crazy (yet impressive) art of miniature knitting.

I decided to make my needle organizer from some left over pieces of Amy Butler's Lotus fabric, some left over cotton batting and some left over bias tape (I tend never to throw any fabric bits away - believing it will come in useful at some point!) It was a super easy and fast project.
Unrolled it measures 21"h x 23"w. Rolled up it measures 15"h x 4.5"w (depending on how many needles you have stuffed in there of course!) It has 4 layers of pockets for different length needles. The bottom pockets are extra wide to hold your circular needles. In total there are 50 different pockets.There is also a crafty 6" flap at the top of the organizer that folds over and secures with cute side ties to stop the needles falling out once it is all rolled up.
This all means that now I have a full inventory of my needles and I can waste yet more hours, put aside for baby stuff, on the Ravelry needle page! Being able to deny that your life is about to change in a momentous way can be a fabulous thing!