About Me

I am a mother to one little (big) boy and two beautiful and willful girls. Grabbing moments at a time to fulfill my deep love and need to make things. You can contact me @ rachael_dorr@yahoo.com.

About Rachael Rabbit

Rachael Rabbit was a hand made toy rabbit given to me when I was really young. Rachael Rabbit came with me everywhere - she was my best friend and companion - I was very protective of her - and was constantly terrified of losing her and in fact I wasn't entirely sure how I would cope with life without her.

Now I am older and Rachael Rabbit is too - in her travels she developed some matted fur (from too much snuggling and kissing), lost an eye (a dreadful tale) and some other injuries were also endured - all but her missing eye were lovingly repaired by my mother while I looked on - worried that Rachael Rabbit might not make it through the operation .....

After so many years with Rachael Rabbit - it amazes me how this hand made gift has been more important to me than many other things that have passed through my life so far. She is a treasure - she now sits, retired from snuggling (I don't wish to harm her anymore) - next to Teddy (my 1st true love).

There is something about hand made things - they contain so much love and effort - they carry beauty alone just because of this.