Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Free Motion Quilt Feathers

As I mentioned before I have been taking some quilting lessons. My lessons so far have mostly consisted of Teri telling me not to worry so much, believe in myself more and please would I drop my shoulders from down around my ears ....

One of our conversations went a little like this.

T:    You should practice quilting using a color.
Me: But I like using the invisible thread - it hides all your mistakes.
T:    Exactly. You should practice quilting using a color.

After my first lesson I was left some homework. Feathers. Ugh. Feathers? Really?

At first I couldn't even draw them with a pen - let alone quilt one.

While I was drawing feathers madly I came up with an idea of quilting a Peacock - lots of feathers on those. And so I created this little chap.

Now I know by using multiple colors and repeating the lines so many times I'm actually masking all my whoopsies. I will be told off for saying this as another part of my homework seems to be not immediately (if ever) pointing out every single flaw in a piece of work!

I still can't nail a traditional free motion feather - I'm still making dodgy banana shapes. But with practice I'm hoping to nail the basic feather soon.


Please do not forget about the charity I Spy quilt - we are still looking for scrap fabric donations. 

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