Friday, August 2, 2013

Quilting Batik (well kind of)

I remember doing batik as a young school girl and I wanted to try the wax version for this experiment - but I have very little time available to me, the fact that hot wax and little people didn't seem a good idea - I decided to try Batik-EZ to see how this idea would turn out.

This idea came to me and for the purpose of my experiment I used a coloring page that bunny#1 had got from her ballet class.

I placed a piece of white fabric over my finished design (minorly added & adjusted with a sharpie) and I set to work with my batik-ez tube of goodness.

I used a toothpick dipped in the goop to trace the line. A paint brush was just too thick. The Batik-EZ spreads across the fabric quite a bit.

After I had traced all the lines and left them to dry I used fabric paint (Jacquard Products Textile-Color Exciter Pack) to color in my picture. This paint was so easy to use - it was like water color for fabric - add more water to make lighter colors - I just thought it was a very flexible and easy to use product.

Once the paint had dried I washed & dried the fabric & went to work practicing my free motion quilting with my new BSR foot. We are still not firm friends - but our relationship is slowly getting more friendly.

I used a heart/vine quilting pattern.

My eldest bunny LOVES this so I think I will have to finish it off into a cushion in fabrics to complement her own painted quilt or make her a special bag for her ballet gear.

I also tried a brighter ocean picture out - which was cute too. Beach bag perhaps?


I have way too many ideas for making a full sized quilts in this way.

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Sue said...

I've always liked the look of batik, but never got around to trying it. Maybe it's just too fussy for me. I vote for ballet and beach bags, but you need to do another for the third bunny.