Longarm Quilting Services

Contact me at rachael_dorr@yahoo.com to receive an estimate for your quilt.

During 2015 I am only taking custom quilting requests. Please contact me for a quote for your quilt.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. I ship using USPS – cheapest delivery option available (unless you request otherwise) with insurance & delivery confirmation. I can not be responsible for the quilt once it leaves my hands, so please keep this in mind.

I offer cotton or wool batting charged at $10.50 per yard, you are welcome to provide your own batting as long as it is of a high quality.

Battings currently available: Quilters Dream 100% Cotton & Hobbs Heirloom 100% Wool

I tend to use Superior Threads So Fine #50 for most quilting & Superior Threads Bottom Line for the bobbin thread - but I am happy to use any thread you request.

Note: On any special thread orders you might be charged the entire cost of the spool – however the remainder of the spool/thread will be returned to you with the quilt.

Quilt Preparation
Please make your backing at least 6 inches longer and 6 inches wider than your quilt top. Please clearly label both top and back TOP or BOTTOM etc

Please trim stray threads and please remove any pet hair.

Please do not embellish your quilt - wait to embellish your quilt until after the quilting process has been completed.

All threads will be buried. After quilting I can square and trim your quilt if you request. All excess fabric will be returned to you.

Additional Charges
$15 per hr will be charged for any minor quilt repairs, pressing, preparing quilt backing.
10% will be added to any material I purchase for you (quilt backing, binding etc)

Current Quilting Schedule
I'm currently accepting quilts for completion in Spring 2015

Please be aware if you are severely allergic, my studio is full of fiber, some of that fiber is wool and could be transferred onto your finished quilt.

All prices are quoted in US dollars. 
Last minute requests for work will be considered on a case by case basis.
If you intend to show your quilt please discuss this with me BEFORE the quilting process has begun.


Before you send your quilt top & backing material:
1.  Are the thread ends trimmed? 
2.  Is the quilt top pressed so the seams are flat? 
3.  Do the borders lay flat or are they wavy? 
4.  Do your blocks lay flat.
5.  Is the quilt clean? 
6.  Have you marked which end is top & bottom?

Your quilt is ready to send if it is - trimmed, pressed, borders even, flat (relatively), clean and clearly marked!