Sunday, April 19, 2009

Look what Nana made

I have not found a moment to do any crafting yet (those moments I do have I focus on mundane things like fitting in a shower!) ... but just look what Nana made us. Isn't it just wonderful?
It is the most beautiful blue and white quilt. Each picture is hand embroidered. It is impossible to pick a favorite picture - they are all so utterly cute.
The detail is just amazing - I can't imagine the hours and hours and hours it took. I secretly suspect Nana must love her great grandchild a great deal already to have poured such effort affection into such a piece!
The quilt has two matching cushions as well! Perfect accessories for that toddler bed in a couple of years time.
And the dearest blue bird backing material with my favorite kind of label - hand stitched and made with love.
Charlotte is so very lucky to have such a talented Nana.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wow .... and where did March go?

I'm blown away by all your well wishes and compliments on our new little bunny. Thank you - and I'm sorry I haven't yet had a chance to respond to your e-mails. Days seem to be pretty packed with looking after the little one these days.

So far I have been utterly blessed from the whole birth experience to the good humor of the little one (although she has had a couple of screaming fits just to prove to us her impressive lung capacity!) I have a new found respect for mother nature and how complex the human body is - I'm just in awe of how she grew to be and then came into this world - it is way beyond my comprehension at least.

I have found that being a human milk machine is way more tiring than I expected - napping when she sleeps and ramming food in my mouth (say bye bye to relaxed evening meals!) when every possible seems to be key to my sanity. I used to question people who had children that said 'I haven't found time to eat anything today' ... how I understand that comment now!

3 weeks old today - and it might sound strange but it is like we have always had her ...