Monday, January 20, 2014

WIP: Kids Painted Quilt - Spin Art

A good friend of mine gave her kids these really cool Spin Art Centers for Christmas. Of course knowing my love of turning any kids art project into a quilting challenge she invited me and some of my fabric over to play. We did try using a salad spinner as well - but the salad spinner did work as well as these little machines - perhaps because with the salad spinner you add the paint before you spin - as with these machines you add the paint while they spin.

I stuck some black cotton down to paper using a light layer of 505 spray and cut them into the required 4 1/4" squares. In our Nancy bottles I mixed my beloved BioColor paint with BioColor Fabric Medium, a little water and either Make It Glitter or Make It Shimmer.

Our girls quickly got going decorating the squares of fabric.

Here are our finished squares. 

We made an awful lot of them! 

My idea is to make the squares into a quilt - and the spin art squares will be fireworks. 

I am excited to see how it turns out.


Our other kid painted fabric projects have included:

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