Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Candy Free Valentine Idea: Flower seeds

We can't seem to leave the idea of flowers behind for Valentines Day. This year our little Valentine tokens are again candy free.

We made little sacks out of burlap, tied at the top with red ribbon. The sacks are made from some burlap scraps I had - sewn together with a simple red zigzag stitch. They were very very easy and quick to make.

On each little sack is an appliqued red cotton heart.

On the label it says 'You are my sunshine'.

Can you guess what is inside?

SUNFLOWER SEEDS! What kid doesn't like watching a giant sunflower grow?

I had thought about making heart shaped seed bombs - but I was so worried about doing them wrong and harming the seeds - I didn't want to send out anything that wouldn't grow! I think we will experiment with seed bombs this summer.

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Asia Citro said...

Oh they turned out perfectly!!! I added them to my Creative Candy Free Valentine's Round up (I hope that's OK!).


Fran said...

So very cute! What a fabulous idea.

Unknown said...

Thank you Fran ;-) Lets see how it goes down at school!

Unknown said...

Much more than ok Asia ;-)