Thursday, January 16, 2014

Diary of a Longarm: Day 4

I have loaded a practice piece of material onto the now named Freddie (imaginative no?) This is a piece of material I had found to practice my free motion quilting skills back in August. It is a colorful hexagon print by Michael Miller.

Here is a rare picture of me - concentrating hard. 

For perfectly straight lines on a longarm you can use a ruler - almost genius.

I'm trying to follow the shapes & patterns somewhat but dismally failing. I hope by the time I have finished the 'quilt' I will have made friends with Freddie a little bit more.


driftwood said...

wow, it IS big! looking great !

Unknown said...

You have no idea. Step back an inch and you fall over the bed ;-) My husband is really enjoying have the carpet scattered with endless thread and batting fluff!

Sue said...

Wow, when you said long arm, you really meant it. I had no idea it was that big.