Friday, January 10, 2014

Longing for a Longarm

My debate over buying a new machine has lasted many many months. I've gone through every option - another domestic machine with a bigger throat, a quilting frame for a domestic machine & longarms - sitdown & frame. For a long time I thought I would get the sitdown version of the Handiquilters sweet sixteen - but something - and I don't know what - held me back from taking the decision. I spoke to everyone I could - owners, dealers, quilters. After much much debate & research - and driving everyone around me mad - I decided on a Handiquilter Fusion. This is truly a massive beast. It will take up most of our bedroom and eventually it will be moved into our basement.

There was a couple of things that made me finally decide on this chap:
  • Cost - Handiquilter have the most reasonably priced longarms on the market that I could find. 
  • Stitch regulation (or not - you can turn it off)  - the stitch regulation works like a dream - it doesn't even compare to my BSR foot.
  • 24" throat - which only gives you a 20" working space - the Avante only has a 15" workspace and I wanted to ensure I had the most space I could possibly afford.  

I do love Bernie and I feel very guilty about this purchase - I hope he knows how much I love him - that I will never leave him - and I hope hone my FMQ skills on him some more. As soon as I made the decision I felt sure it was the right one - but I was also nervous of the step I was taking - a massive step for me personally - committing fully to this free motion quilting game.

I have had a memorial quilt folded up & waiting to be quilted for some time now. I was just dreading quilting the size of the quilt (Queen) under Bernie - I feel like I'm fighting these quilts. I know that my free motion skills are improving but the whole dragging, pushing etc defeats my energy supplies and will to quilt before I even sit down. I also want to make many more of these memorial quilts for families and for me to do that the quilting process will sometimes have to be quicker.

Wish me luck - I'm totally intimidated. 


driftwood said...

oh my. I'd love to have a go on one of those. have fun!

Sue said...

You'll do great and I predict a great love affair between the two of you. I'm still intimidated by my Bernina that I have only used a couple times. This is the year to conquer it.

Debby Brown said...

Yay! You'll love it!!!

Unknown said...

Having lots of fun - terrifying beast - very different from a domestic sewing machine!

Unknown said...

I'm still intimidated by both! I suspect that is a good thing though - makes us want to be better.

Unknown said...

Debby - your so sweet to visit! I might be begging you for lessons soon. I love him - but he is quite intimidating at the moment!