Monday, February 17, 2014

WIP: Kids Art Quilt: Fabric Building Blocks

My scrap bag has got utterly out of control - over flowing onto the floor and carpet - so I spent the weekend organizing scraps into colored bins and discovering little bits here. Separating pieces that I  can turn into speedy negative space filled quilts. I feel like since Freddie arrived I have become a little bit possessed and obsessed in thinking about quilts I can quickly make so that I can load and spend the majority of time quilting them. The more negative space the better!

For a while now I have had this idea of asking the girls to make a city out of wooden building blocks that I would then mimic in a patchwork pattern. But going through my scrap bag I realized that I could skip the building step and just give them the fabric - and they could lay out the blocks into a city themselves.

Here is the design that they came up with. My husband even commented on it (in a positive manner) as it lay on the floor - which means it must be cute. I plan to fuse & applique the design onto a backing and then quilt away on it.

We are currently having a debate with my middle bunny who insists that a large dolphin and teddy bear need to be included in the scene. We shall have to see how that request plays out ....


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Lisa said...

Love this! Such a wonderful idea and how proud of it they'll be!

Unknown said...

Thank you - I'm excited to post the results - I'm just finishing up sewing the binding on.