Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New York Metro Mod Quilters: Quilt Top

As I have mentioned this top came from my guild the New York Metro Mod Quilters. I haven't belonged to a quilting guild before - my teacher Teri had encouraged me to join one. At my first meeting I showed this memorial quilt. For some reason I thought that I would be flooded with ideas on how I could make it better, improved it, done it differently - but to my surprise people where SO kind about it. So kind my cheeks got pink.

I also mentioned I was getting a longarm and happy to practice on anything anyone wanted to give me. Perhaps a foolish offer as a few minutes later I had this quilt top in my arms. The backing material was also provided by the guild.

I have posted about this quilt before here and here. It has not been a happy relationship - and I felt I might pass out when I had eventually finished it. I felt everything could have been done better. Now it has been bound and washed I am able to look at it more fondly. Yes the quilting is not perfect enough to make me 100% happy - but it was great practice for me and I know the next piece will be better and more accurate because of the time I put into this top.

Every block is done is a different pattern - so that is 30 different patterns I got to try out on this piece. Here are some of my favorites.

This fan pattern was really pretty and surprisingly easy to do. 

This Sashiko Shell is from Day 10 of Leah Day's Free Motion Project. I was surprised by how much I liked the effect it gave.

Feathers into the corners.

Spirally fans. 

And this one - figure of eights - I know it is a well used, known pattern. I've seen it all over the place - but gosh did I struggle with this!! Funny how sometimes those things supposed to be easy & basic really challenge us at times. 

And here is the back - in pink tie dyed wonder! The block in the middle was handed in late so it was used as part of the back. I still need to practice improving the backs of my quilts. When ever I see people with quilt backs as pretty as the front I am jealous.  It will be something I'll be working hard on this year.

I'm excited to hand it back - but also terrified. I hope people will be kind. I'd probably give myself an A for effort on this piece with a C- for results .........


Ellen said...

Rachael, I think it looks terrific. Nice job! I am sure it will be warmly accepted. See you at the meeting!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Ellen ;-)