Monday, December 2, 2013

Doing the Fancy Fandango with Jennie Rayment

I think I have mentioned before that my Grandmother was a keen patchworker and knitter. We sadly never got a chance to share the passion together. I also have some UK patchwork royalty in my family too - the wonderful Jennie Rayment. Jennie has been my step-mum for a long long time - although I have none of her actual sewing genius genes - she is a great inspiration to me. Jennie's work is quite incredible and she was able to stop and stay with us in between teaching & Houston. She was kind enough to give my church quilting group a private talk. It was so much fun, witty and so inspirational to us all.

A lot of Jennie's creations are made from manipulating and folding fabric (think origami for fabric fans.) You can see the vast array of quilts she showed us due to the massive pile on the floor. I don't know how she drags everything around the world with her - she is much fitter than I.

One of the things that Jennie showed me was a box made out of what she calls Fancy Fandango's (you can get the pattern of a Fancy Fandango on this DVD). During Jennie's stay I was in the planning stage for a Memory quilt and these Fancy Fandago's really spoke to me.


So what did you do this Thanksgiving season? Because I made 70+ of these little guys ranging from 0.75"- 2" finished size!



Preciosos trabajos!!!

Sue said...

Wow, those quilts are amazing!!! Over Thanksgiving I managed to avoid putting the beads on my latest cross stitch and stuffing my latest knit toy. Now I feel guilty and need to sit down and attend to them both.

Unknown said...

Thank you - it was a fun project.

Unknown said...

Jennie is very impressive. Was thinking about knitted toys only today. Hope yours is a bunny ;-)