Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Tree

It seems like our Thanksgiving Tree was assembled and disassembled in record time. Christmas is here and I feel like I haven't drawn a breath - at least not a big enough one to relax in anyway.

This year I have been pondering what to do about a Christmas tree as our youngest bunny is now 15 months - extremely determined, extremely strong and extremely inquisitive. I just have visions of us turning our back for one second and the little chap attempting to scale the tree bring the whole ornament laden thing down on top of him.

So with our branch sitting empty waiting for inspiration we decided this year our branch will be our Christmas Tree.

I wrapped the branch in fairy lights & some berry garlands that I have had for years (they are a little past their prime - poor things.) I wanted to let my eldest loose on decorating the tree - but I had not taken into account how heavy Christmas decorations are. So we had to sort through our stash for all the lightest items - then I let her loose ....

My husband loves real Christmas Tree's - he loves the smell that they fill the house with - but I can't help feeling a little pleased that our beloved branch has saved one little Christmas Tree this year ....... 

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Holiday this year.

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