Monday, December 9, 2013

Children's I SPY QUILTs Auction & Giveaway

I have finished all three I Spy Quilts. Two of them are now up for auction. The smaller one will be a giveaway. (Please note this giveaway is for shipping within the US only.)

Each quilt comes with a list of lots of fun things you can try and spot in the quilts. My children are totally enchanted with these quilts. I will post more about how I quilted them again soon.

All funds from the auctions will be donated to 'Quilting A Memory'. This is a charitable organization that provides free quilting services to the families of fallen service men & women - using their clothes/uniforms to make beautiful & detailed quilts that can be treasured for ever. Materials for a Queen sized quilt typically come to approximately $130. It would be wonderful to raise something around this amount by selling these two quilts.

Please bid on the quilts - these links will take you to their listings on eBay. Auctions & Giveaway will end Sunday December 15th and I will mail the quilts on Monday 16th.

I SPY Quilt - Red Border & blue binding
Measures 47.5"w x 54"h
165 squares of different fabric with hundreds of items to spot. 
Click for eBay Listing is here.

I SPY Quilt - Pink border & binding
Measures 46"w x 53"h
168 squares of different fabric with hundreds of items to spot. 
Click for eBay Listing is here.

I SPY Quilt - Green border & orange binding
Measures 46"w x 46"h
144 squares of different fabric with hundreds of items to spot. 
To win this giveaway quilt (green border with orange binding) please leave a comment on the blog below - ensure you leave a way that I can contact you - e-mail, blog or website. 

Practically all the materials for these quilts was donated. I would again like to deeply thank all those who contributed to these super cute & fun quilts:
Anita, MD
Mary-Etta, MD
Candice, OH
Anne from Bunny Hill Designs
Cathy from Blueberry Patch 
Corey from Little Miss Shabby
Pat, MD
Mike from The Amateur Quilter
Angela from Sewing with Squeak
Toni from Hoosier Toni 
Elke, ME
Leanne, NY
Chris Lang, OH


Thimbleanna said...

They're beautiful Rachel! I Spy -- A Flying Pig (in the pink quilt)!!!!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful comment to start the day ;-) There is really so much to see in these quilts - even I have been enjoying them.

kristel said...

These are amazing. I love the idea!

Sue said...

Wow, you have been very busy and they are all lovely.

annemarie said...

What wonderful quilts - my little grandson would love one of these.

Unknown said...


lemony fresh said...

I'm a pal of Louise Rozett and am blown away by the incredibly gorgeous things you make! My day is brightened whenever there is a Rachael Rabbit email in my inbox.
Best, Spencer

Unknown said...

Yeah! What SHE said!

Unknown said...

Speechless. I'd be honored to have one of your quilts in my home.

Lynn M said...

what an awesome giveaway, It is so generous! and I love I spy quilts!

Unknown said...

Very beautiful! I'd love to enter!

Unknown said...

ONE OF THE BEST GIVEAWAYS I HAVE SEEN!! We would be so gracious and honored to enjoy this quilt with our two daughters! Lovely art you have created!! If we were to win we would love to take this with us on our long airplane rides back and forth from the states to Ghana we visit family still there

Unknown said...

I love your work love to enter

Unknown said...

Oh, my daughter would love this! She is obsessed with I spy books right now!

Unknown said...

I'd like to say I'd love this for my boys's all for me, I want to pay and I'm not sharing!!!! In all seriousness your work is stunning, you never fail to amaze me with your talent xx said...

these are adorable! I think if I won it, though, I probably won't keep it. I think I'll donate it to one of the community groups up here that helps families provide christmas for kids. my family already did underthings, socks, gloves, and hats and coats for two bigger kids ( everyone gives little kid/baby stuff, and bigger kids don't get as much donated for them... please consider this if you donate items!) and this would be a nice item to give for maybe a late comer to the group who might not have had someone to buy for them.

Unknown said...

Dear Amy - I am so pleased to let you know that you have won this giveaway. Please contact me with your mailing address. Yours truly, Rachael

FrizzyMama said...

These turned out great! If you'd like to participate in an I spy swap, I'm hosting one that I'm looking to fill a few more spots! ; ) If you're interested, you can read more at my blog:

Unknown said...

I'm truly shocked to write I never realized I won!!!
I'm so sorry for not responding.. I realize the giveaway has past long ago, but I wabted you to at least know I wouldn't of contacted you had I known I won.
Hope you are well & still making beautiful quilts!

Unknown said...

Dear Amy - I tried to contact you a multitude of ways through facebook, google - I could not find any other ways of reaching out to you. My e-mail is - please e-mail me directly - I don't seem to be able to find a contact e-mail for you through the google message system. Yours truly, Rachael