Friday, July 26, 2013

WIP: Kid Painted Quilt #2 - Throwing Paint

We enjoyed making the blocks for our first Kid Painted Quilt so much I wanted to do it again but produce the painted fabric for a quilt in a different way. We do quite a lot of 'sensory' play here (I like to just call it just plain messy play!) and as the summer made its way upon us I have become mildly obsessed with some kiddy play orientated blogs. When I saw this idea of throwing paint on Blog Me Mom I knew I would want to do it with the girls but use fabric instead.

For this project I used our of BioColor and the BioColor Fabric Medium. You will be surprised that pink and purple were again chosen - but I also included yellow & red as well. I used a 36"x45" piece of white muslin instead of paper. Again we went with the option of no clothes as this product stains fabric so badly.

Our balls are made from rolled up pieces of scrap towel secured with elastic bands. 

The girls were a bit confused & hesitant at first with their Mummy telling them to throw paint around. We do a lot of painting but 'throwing' the paint around has never ever been encouraged!

Then a few balls were thrown. 

And then it stayed like this for a while until .... 

... paint started flying ...

... everywhere ...

... my youngest was totally entranced by the action but took his job of being in charge of the hose seriously ... 

... and then things got a little silly - being given permission to throw paint - throwing bowls of water on top of the paint seemed only natural ... 

 ... we folded up the fabric ...

... as apparently dancing on it was also necessary!!!

I'm already impatient and mildly intrigued to see how this quilt turns out!

Our other kid painted fabric projects this summer have included:
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Please do not forget about the charity I Spy quilt - we are still looking for scrap fabric donations. 

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