Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Charity I-Spy Quilt

One of the problematic things I find about looking at other people's work so much is there are endless projects I come across that I want to make. When I saw this I Spy quilt at Blueberry Patch I knew I wanted to make one. Problem is - I have very few I Spy materials. Cathy (from Blueberry Patch) very kindly offered to send me some scraps to get me started which lit a small light bulb in my head ...

'what if lots of people sent me I Spy scraps 
and then we auctioned the quilt off for charity'

So this is my plan.
  • To make 2 quilts - one boy themed & one girl themed. 
  • The quilts will be bigger than a toddler but under a twin sized quilt. Suitable for either a toddler bed, twin bed or to use as a play mat on the floor or picnic blanket outside.
  • I will accept any donations of any scraps that are suitable for an I Spy blanket. Anyone who donates fabric to the project will be listed on each each post about this project & appropriate link to a blog if applicable.
  • I would like each square to have an identifiable object in them. Here is some fabric I quickly found today. Hopefully you will be able to spot the answers to the following questions:
  1. Can you spy the cow?
  2. Can you spy the green bird?
  3. Can you spy the red ladybugs?
  4. Can you spy the rabbit jumping over the moon?
  5. Can you spy the blue bird? 
  6. Can you spy three rabbits?
NOTE: If your square does not have an easy straight forward I Spy question and answer it might not be included on the front of the quilt but I will include it on the backing.
  • Squares should be cut exactly 4" x 4" with a ruler & rotary cutter. If you do not have a rotary cutter please cut your squares large and I will trim them down.
  • I would like to include a little list of everything that is on the quilt to help the new owners play I Spy with the quilt.
  • The quilts will be finished and auctioned off after Thanksgiving 2013. They will be packed & posted to the winners in December - just in time for Christmas. 
Please e-mail me at rachael_dorr@yahoo.com to be involved in this project and please help me spread the word.


Angela Bullard said...

Does the fabric need to be designer? I have quite a bit of novelty fabric that I could spare a couple of inches of so just tell me where to send it and when you need it by :)

Unknown said...

Not at all Angela. Please send anything you think would be suitable. I appreciate it so much - thank you thank you.

Lynn M. said...

Hi, I just came across your blog, are you still looking for I Spy fabrics? If so, where do I send them. Thanks, Lynn