Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Valentine Quilt

It has taken a while but I have finally finished my Valentine Quilt which is a design from a this book by Elizabeth Hartman. I really like the book - I must go back and visit its patterns and ideas again.

I'm very pleased with the quilt. The top of the quilt has been sewn together for quite sometime (pre bunny #3) but I just hadn't got around to putting all the layers together and quilting the beast.

This quilt it pretty much all made up by fabric scraps from my scrap bin - which is now mysteriously full again - how does that happen?

I used a swirly whirly pattern during the free motion quilting. The same sort of pattern I used on the Mother's Day Cushions.

I even used up the last few strips of scrap fabric left over on the back of the quilt.

You also might remember I used some of the same left over scraps to make this quilt for baby Flora. 

Getting projects finished feels good - with the three little ones constantly underfoot and demanding my attention - finishing these kind of projects feels like a monumental achievement!


Thimbleanna said...

It's beautiful Rachel! I really love the colors you've chosen -- bright and happy and just right for spring!

dottycookie said...

That's really lovely. And how much do I desperately want my own little bedroom under the eaves with owls on the wall now? Far too much :-)

Sue said...

Congrats on finishing it. I still haven't finished the one I started just after we got married. It's only been 26 years.