Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Paper Roll Craft: Super Hero Bracelets

Our girls are quite taken with super hero's. In particular Wonder Woman and her magic bracelets.  One rainy day we decided to make Super Hero Bracelets.

I thought that this would be an easy craft to make out of toilet rolls - however I under estimated the complications of what happens to the consistency of a toilet roll when a small child applies copious amounts of wet paint. Here is what we learnt.

We cut out toilet rolls once down the back and then in half. We then stuck the join together again with blue painters tape on the inside and stuffed the tube with old newspaper. 

This may seem like a strange way of doing things - to cut and then stick back together etc - but we went through a couple of versions of this before the toilet roll pieces survived - when you paint the toilet roll it tends to collapse go floppy. This was the best process we came up with. 

 After you have cut, taped and stuffed your toilet roll you are ready to:
- paint (allow to dry)
- apply a light layer of glue and then roll in glitter (allow to dry)
- seal on the glitter by applying a layer of gluey glaze (1 part glue to 2 parts water) (allow to dry)
- add some super hero gems/sparkles

Once all your paint, glitter and glue is dry remove the newspaper and painters tape from inside and round of the corners.

Your little one will now be ready to go and fight some super villains.

What would your super hero power be?


ctb said...

Have you tried painting w/ glitter first & then cutting? Wondering if that would work...?

Bricolente said...

Super idée !

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your comment ctb. We found that all the layers, glue & glitter actually made the paper rolls quite stiff - when we cut them after all the layers and glitter we bent the paper tubes - they didn't look as perfect. The layers also made the cutting quite hard and the edges were not as neat. Plus glitter went flying as we cut. We really did try lots of ways - and cutting the rolls first seemed to work the best for us.

Sue said...

Those are some pretty fancy bracelets!!

Jack and Sheryl said...

These are adorable! I can't wait to make them. Thank you for outlining the steps so clearly. One did you make the yellow ones with the red star? Did you paint and glitter the star separately and then glue it on later?

rebecca at thisfineday said...

How cute are those!? I'd love to get my girls more into super heroes rather only princesses! These might do the trick! Thanks for the post!

Heather - Chickabug said...

What a great gift for party guests! They get to be superheroes for a day! I love that it only takes basic supplies a few simple steps to make. Great idea and a wonderful post! : )

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Heather for such a lovely comment. Our bracelets actually lasted a few months - which I thought was pretty good for ones made out of paper rolls!

Unknown said...

Oh wow! Your bracelets are gorgeous, Rachael! Love the idea of glazing on the glitter. My poor daycare kids are glitter-deprived because I have an aversion to the stuff, but the glaze! That just might be the answer!

Unknown said...

Thanks Jackie - I hate glitter too - but the girls just love it. I always make the kids wait until I've put the glue layer on top - before their allowed to play with anything glittered. It prevents most falling off - not all!