Monday, September 29, 2014

Keep a Scrapbook: Ideas & Sketches for Free Motion Quilting

When I find a quilting pattern I like I scribble a version into my sketch book (emphasis on scribble - if anyone saw my sketchbook their opinion on my artistic talents would be very poor!) - beside my scribble I put the name of the designer, book and a page number if applicable. As well as my scribbles I also cut out designs I see done by other quilters and stick them in.

Personally I feel that your style of free motion quilting will be individual - regardless of the pattern you use - as we all have different hand writing - so we too will all have different quilting styles. I'm not too focused on being original - because as far as I can figure out every idea I have ever had has been done before!! But I am focused on being good at what I do - and sadly the only way to get better at anything is by practice. (Gosh how dull is that!)

If you are focused on getting better at free motion quilting using a sketch book is a really great way to help you practice patterns and record ideas. You can take it anywhere - stick anything in it - scrawl in a way that no one will understand (that's me!) - and it doesn't matter - because it is to record your inspiration and ideas. When you flick back through it you will be amazed at how many ideas are there - it is always the first thing I reach for when I am stuck as to how to start a quilt.

If I think about how much I have improved in confidence as well as technical and ability in 9 months since getting Freddie - it makes me feel mildly warm and fuzzy. Teri's words 'practice, practice and practice' are still ring in my ears - and it is true - it doesn't get easier overnight - but just keep going, keep practicing and the possibilities are endless. The only way to get better is by practice and drawing the designs over and over again - it will all help you when you eventually bring your material to your machine and quilt with confidence.  

 Notes for designs on Maria's Curve Quilt

As a quilter (can I say that now?) I feel like every pattern I look at makes me think 'ooh that would make a nice quilt' - keeping notes and drawing patterns help me remember all the inspiration and ideas that spring into my little head.

My sketchbook scribbles are much too messy to share - but check out LuAnn Kessi's website - she shares so many of her sketches with all of us - they are gorgeous. She also wrote an article in Machine Quilting all about keeping a Design Sketchbook.

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driftwood said...

this is wonderful advice. I do feel like doodling helps me with my quilting x