Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Memorial Quilt: Coats & Kilts - Quilt #3

This is the 3rd quilt that I made for a family of three sisters and one brother from a box of childhood coats & kilts that their mother had collected. You can view the first quilt here and the second quilt here.

This is the 3rd quilt I finished - it is another Drunkards Path pattern.

But I hope I have given the traditional pattern a little twist. I quilted this quilt in straight lines using blue, red & white threads - I tried to mimic a sort of tartan pattern in terms of the lines placement & order.


I have had several people tell me recently that straight lines are perceived to be simple - but let me assure you - straight lines - in any direction - with any machine - are not at all easy and anyone who can pull off perfect straight lines - line after line after line - gets my award of quilting valor. So while my straight lines might not be 100% perfect - I do think the idea of quilting a tartan quilting design ontop was accomplished.

 I also sewed all the different the buckles from all the kilts back onto the quilt. 

For me personally - completing this particular quilt was a huge effort and lesson for me in persistence and trusting an idea or vision. I was so pleased with how the top turned out with all the fabrics blending into one another ...

... but then there was a little hiccup.  Part way through this quilt I had an 'oh no I think I'm making a horrible mistake moment' AND the timing on my machine went AND I had my thyroid removed. The afternoon I got back from hospital my lovely handiquilter dealer was there in my bedroom fixing the timing on my machine while I snored off the results of my sleep deprived hospital night and the rather long lasting results of the anesthetic (utterly embarrassing.) And the next morning I was up continuing the straight lines - still unable to speak or drink any liquids. It was a tough couple of days - but I kept on quilting lines - and gradually my initial vision began to come together & now I am really pleased with this result. I really love the buckles on the quilt (I hope the family do too!)  I suspect they might have been discarded otherwise and as this quilt is for the only brother in the family - I like the masculine edge the buckles give the quilt. 

And this quilt has my favorite bit out of ALL the four quilts on this quilt. A large kilt pin in the bottom right corner!!


Thimbleanna said...

Another beautiful job Rachael! I LOVE that you've saved all the little kilt bits -- what a great thing to do!

Kathleen said...

Oh my goodness you even used colored thread to quilt the lines! I am sure this person would just love this quilt!! You put a lot of thought into it.