Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Working Hard

I have been working hard on a number of projects. I have five Memorial quilts that I am really excited to share with you - but not yet because the families have not yet seen them.

Meanwhile I have been trying to fit in progress on various other projects.

Detail of Baby Playmat. 

It is a busy month at the church this month with six new babies being baptized on a single Sunday so that is six little baby quilts. I have the top finished on Bess Beetle's quilt as well as - excited about that one. I have also finished the top for a quilt that I used Bunny #1 first fabric line with. I have a collection of really lovely quilt tops from members of my guild and beyond that I'm very excited about getting to (endless pouring over gorgeous thread colors.) All in all - I'm exhausted - totally in love with my longarm (we have been together now for 6 months!) and trying to find that balance between work, spending time with my gorgeous little ones and finding the odd moment to sit down (and yes - saying hello to the husband from time to time!)

 Baby Playmat with meandering square quilting design

The quilting candy are two little baby playmats I made for the new babies being baptized. Lost blocks appliqued in the middle, fun quilting designs, recycled ribbon loops for playing with or hooking on toys.

Free hand meandering squares and triangles design 

 Free hand triangles are really rather hard .... but I think it looks quite cool!


Thimbleanna said...

Very cool Rachael. How sweet you are to make baby quilts for so many new babies!

Unknown said...

Thank you - baby blankets are great for practicing designs on.