Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kaffe Kassett Hankerchief Corners

This is another beautiful quilt made by Andrea. Andrea claims no originality in this quilt - but having not seen the fabric or pattern before - I think it is just gorgeous. (I understand the pattern is from the book Shots & Stripes.)

When Andrea & I discussed quilting options I was really surprised that I kind of persuaded her to take on my idea on how the quilting should be. Andrea has some recipients in mind for this quilt and I felt that the pattern was very bold and could take and not be affected by a softer more feminine approach than just straight lines.

When ever I hang quilts to take photos of them in the hall I always get little visitors. This is my youngest little bunny - playing hide & seek.

I still struggle not to point out every mistake when I return a quilt. I know I have to stop this - I know that the people who come to me are happy with what is returned to them. To demonstrate my issues here I have photographed what I consider is a big mistake. Can you spot it? (And here I am foolishly opening myself up to you spotting all sorts of things I haven't spotted yet!!)

The thread I used is King Tut by Superior Shifting Sands. (Do not be fooled by the orangey color shown on the internet.) It is a gorgeous variegated thread - soft beige's and golds with tinges of light blue in it. I can easily see myself using it in all sorts of projects in the future.

I think the pattern adds another layer to the quilt - a soft beautiful layer you can only see when you get up close. 

And being a lover of white on white texture I think the back looks pretty yummy too. 

A big thank you to Andrea again for trusting me with her beautiful quilt tops.


Kathleen said...

Love this quilt. I don't have the trained eye to find your quilting flaw. But what I did notice right away, with the quilt hanging in the hall, is a heart shape formed by some of the blocks, right around the middle of the right hand side. I wonder if that was intentional.

Thimbleanna said...

Your quilting is perfect Rachael -- I certainly can't spot any mistakes. We're always our own worst critics!

Barb Neiwert said...

Surely you don't mean where you crossed over a quilting line in the top right section? If that's not it, you are just WAY too hard on yourself my dear. Love the pattern - very fun to quilt!

Unknown said...

Thank you ladies - you are too kind!