Friday, March 28, 2014

Superhero Party Capes

This month I feel like I have been slowly loosing my mind. My eldest asked for a Superhero Birthday Party. You might remember last year I got overexcited with her Princess Tea Party - well this year I tortured myself again by deciding to make 19 superhero capes, 19 superhero belts, 38 superhero bracelets/cuffs & 19 super hero masks. I didn't realize how much all this effort was weighing on me - because after the party ended I felt a deep need to sleep for 2 days.

Each cape has a contrast lining & and emblem on the back (lighting bolts, diamonds, snowflakes. flowers, butterflies etc) all with a bit of bling of course. I worried that the superhero belts look like something from the WWF - but the kids LOVED the belts. As the girls arrived they were allowed to pick out their cape, belt, mask & cuffs.

I made everything adjustable by placing the velcro like this on the belts & cuffs.

It enabled me to make everything one size but ensure that they would fit everyone.

I recycled our pink satin chair covers which we got last year for $2 each. This year we rented some kid sized chairs and I found the covers fit perfectly over two chairs put together. I used twin flat sheets from our linen closet for the table cloths. The tulle pom poms are from last year too. The streamers, balloons, plates, cups etc were all from the Dollar Tree (love love that store - you can color-co-ordinate a birthday party for just $10!) I used 24" balloon sticks this year instead of helium balloons - much cheaper and just as cute - and the sticks are reusable for years to come as well.

Here is my middle girl all dressed up and ready for the party to start. 

Supergirl came and put the little superheros through superhero training school. 

There were no goodie bags instead the girls got to take home their new superhero costumes.

Here are some things that helped me make all the costumes:
McCalls Pattern (MP245) Boys Girls Superhero Costumes - really great & fun pattern ideas if you don't want to make your own cape patterns
Thermoweb Heat'n'Bond Ultra Iron On Adhesive - amazing product for when you need to stick things on quickly (not at all suitable for any sewing over or applique etc)
Glue on plastic gems - the 1lb bags may seem expensive but they have lasted us for years and (they are still going) not to mention the huge array of fun projects we have used them for
Slipper Satin from - felt amazing - great weight & shine - and nice selection of colors. It was really easy to work with, iron etc. 60" width allowed me to get maximum number of super hero capes from it.

There are many many superhero cape tutorials out there - but this quick list will help you work out the options:
Super Hero Cape by How Does She?
Repurpose a T-shirt into a Superhero Cape by The Southern Institute
No Sew Superhero Cape from Little Pink Monster

I can not believe that my first bunny has turned 5. It seems unbelievable to me. Sad even. How quickly they grow. Too quickly. I am so lucky to have such amazing little people in my life!


hetty said...

Wow! Fantastic! No wonder you needed 2 days of sleep. I remember when little bunny was born. It seems like just yesterday to me too.

Kathleen said...

Oh my goodness what a lot of work you put into this party! Call yourself a superhero! Awesome job.

Thimbleanna said...

It's very possible that you've gone over the edge LOL! Sooooo FUN! What lucky little girls you have. Everything from the party looks fabulous!!! (It's so fun to see you going over the top even if you're tired -- you won't regret it -- these days with your small girls will be over all too soon and you'll have some great memories!)

Sue said...

Is it wrong that I'm envious of a five year old? You did it again, Mom.

Unknown said...

Thank you ladies for such sweet comments. I might be over compensating for my own experience of birthday parties ;-)

Wonky Girl said...

Those little ones are lucky to have such an amazing MOM !