Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Home Made Play Silks: Dyes from the Kitchen Cupboard

One of the really fun things we did this Summer was discover all the things we could dye play silks with (tissue paper & food dye.) We had so much fun dying them and then playing with them. Recently we have been playing a with red cabbage water experiments - which made me think what play silks would look like dyed with these mixtures.

And why limit it to cabbage water? In my cupboard we also decided to play with turmeric, paprika & beetroot.

Here is my little chemist ready to mix away to her hearts content with the cabbage water. The pink glasses are her safety goggles .....

  • Chop up red cabbage and add some bit water. Bring the the boil and simmer until cabbage is pale. Split the cabbage water into two pots. 
  • Add silk scarf and soak for 30mins to one pot. 
  • In the other pot add some vinegar - the mixture will turn dark pink - add silk scarf and soak for 30mins. 
  • Once your silk scarf has finished soaking in the first pot. Remove the scarf and add in baking soda (the mixture will turn greeny blue) - add silk scarf & soak for 30mins. 
Note: Cabbage water changes color depending on its PH. When they were washed & dried the colors became much less vibrant.

Silks soaked in with cabbage water before washing

  • Mix turmeric & water - bring to the boil - add silk scarf and soak for 30mins
  • Mix paprika & water - bring to the boil - add silk scarf and soak for 30mins.
  • Boiled 3 chopped up beetroot in some water for about 40mins- puree everything together - add silk scarf and soak for 30mins. 

Cabbage Water = Soft Purple
Cabbage Water + Vingear = Soft Pink/Purple
Cabbage Water + Baking Soda = Silver Blue
Paprika = Gold (honestly - it is a gorgeous gold hue)
Beetroot = Cream
Turmeric = Bright Bright Yellow (just look at that yellow!! See below.)

Note: After we had soaked the silks I dried them on their own on the hottest setting on our tumble dryer (sanitize) and then put them on their own through a 20mins cold wash (no detergent) and dried them again on the hottest setting.  

I'm not sure we have anymore space for playsilks in our dress up box. I am playing with the idea of making a quilt from these. 

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Sue said...

I'm thinking back over some of the stains I have on my tee shirts and wondering which would work as dyes. Mustard seems to be my most common stain but then I really really like mustard.

Unknown said...

I understand that ketchup stains really well too - but I was trying to find 'pure' foods. I know mustard and ketchup have other things in them .... I'm trying to work up the courage to let the girls just pour staining food on something and see what happens - maybe a project for outside next summer ;-)

Anonymous said...

How much turmeric did you use?

Unknown said...

Checking my spice cabinet - my spices seem to come in about 1.9-2oz pots - so I would say I used 1oz of turmeric. I think you could probably use a little less and still get a good result.

Marie said...

Have your silks faded? We are about to try this and for some reason I bought alum to use. I am searching what it is used for,