Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter Tree

The ornaments from our Valentines Tree have been taken down and carefully stored for next year and my eldest has been busy at work decorating our now permissed Easter Tree!! You can read about how our tree came to life here. (But just to quickly recap this is a branch we found in our garden and the girls lovingly decorated it with glue and glitter. Our aim is to keep the tree up all year around and have the girls make crafts and decorations for it with a seasonal or holiday theme.) 

We made some cute hanging flower ornaments out of cupcake cases. 

I had found these sweet bright birds in Michaels. 

Paper eggs got covered with fluffy pom poms. 

We tied our colorful feathers to the end of the branches with bright green ribbon. 

What the kids see as they walk around and underneath it looks is pretty cool. 


We are all getting so much enjoyment from this branch we found in the garden. I can't wait to see how the tree develops and morphs over the coming year. 


dottycookie said...

What a brilliant idea - that looks lovely. Especially the child's eye view!

Sue said...

I really like your tree, it's very happy. Can't wait to see it next holiday.

hetty said...

Love that idea! It looks amazing, especially from a child's point of view. Can't wait to see it decorated for future holidays.