Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tutorial: Tulle Pom Poms

We are planning a birthday party in the near future for Baby Bunny#1 - she turns 4 - I can't believe 4 years have gone by so quickly. We are having a Princess Tea Party for her - we (although it sometimes feels like she is) planning a very princess and pink affair!

For decorations I decided to invest in some tulle. I found it very reasonably priced at the Tulle Shop.

There are lots of tutorials out there for making pom poms from tulle. This is my favorite from Nashville Wraps on You Tube - but I prefer to use ribbon to tie my pom poms as tulle rips when it is tied very tightly. (I'm that weird person who goes around collecting all the ribbon after Christmas - wrapping it up carefully waiting to find a second use for it - this is the perfect 2nd use for it.)

You can use 6" pre-cut tulle ribbon - though I cut a 54" bolt of tulle into 6" strips. I didn't take the tulle off the bolt I just cut the tulle and cardboard right the way through with my rotary cutter. It was very quick. The tulle strips do not have to be perfect for pom poms.


You will need:
- Tulle - (I used approx 30 yards of 6" wide tulle)
- Ribbon or something else strong for tying and hanging
- Scissors
- Something stiff-ish to wrap around - cardboard or a book would do the job too.

1) Wrap the tulle around your chosen object 50 times. I used an old cutting board (11" long) to use for my pom poms.

2) Tie ribbon at the center point on one side.

3) Take the tulle off and tie the other side securely - you should have a big puffy looking bow tie shape.

4) Cut through all the loops as evenly as possible. Trim so all the lengths are approximately the same. Again - precision is not needed.

5) Puff and fiddle with the tulle. The more you fiddle and fluff - the fuller and fluffier your pom poms will be.

Hang your tulle pom poms and enjoy! #1 Bunny has already demanded some for her bedroom too.

NOTE: Your pom poms will crush easily - store them carefully if you want to be able to protect their beauty and use them again and again.


Angela said...

What a fantastic idea. Forget the kids, I think I'd like some of those in my bedroom.

dottycookie said...

Oh, they're lovely! And in white, imagine how fab they'd be for Christmas next year ...

Hope you and your little Princess enjoy the birthday!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, how many pom poms for that amount of fabric?

Anonymous said...

did you make the pom poms for 2013 christmas?

Unknown said...

No these pom poms were made in March 2013 ;-) White and sparkly would be lovely for Christmas - you could make a pompom Christmas tree!!

Unknown said...

you can find tulle ribbon cheaper than nashvillewraps in

Unknown said...

Ketty - thank you so much for your comment. I checked out Papermart but they still didn't seem to beat the with prices.