Monday, October 31, 2011

Socktopus Tutorial

What seems like a lifetime time ago I made a Socktopus. I was lucky enough to have the tutorial published in CraftStylish magazine. CraftStylish (like so many magazines out there) has since ceased being published - but they continue to publish a whole host of projects and information online.
Here is a tutorial for the Socktopus. This cuddly, leggy and delightful Socktopus is easy to make and safe for all age groups.

- 4 socks (all same size)
- Polyester fiberfill or cotton alternative
- Piece of ribbon
- Cotton for sewing
- Circle of felt for face (optional)
- Thread for embroidering face

- Scissors
- Sewing needle
Note: You can hand stitch or use a machine for this project.

Prep Your Fabric
1. Turn all your socks inside out.
2. Choose which sock will be the head of your Socktopus. Cut the sock down the middle leaving 1/3 intact. This sock will make the head and 2 legs.

Sew and Stuff the Socktopus
3. Sew up each leg leaving a gap at the bottom of the head.
4. Turn the sock right side out and stuff the head and two legs and sew up the gap.
Note: Make sure the head has a nice round shape and the legs have enough stuffing in them and that they are stuffed evenly. Stuffing all your legs evenly will allow your Socktopus to stand up once you have finished!
5. Cut 1/4 off the bottom of each remaining sock and then cut down the middle. You now have an additional 6 legs.
6. Sew down the long side of each leg. Turn right side out and stuff. Sew shut the opening at the top of each leg.
if you have been using a sewing machine – you will probably want to hand stitch part 6.

Assemble the Socktopus

7. Arrange your legs around the head and sew each leg to the base of the head. When you have finished sewing there should be no gap left at the base of the head.

Adorn the Octopus
8. Embroider the face.
Note: If your socks have a very busy pattern you might want to sew a circle of felt to the head before embroidering the face.
9. To finish off tie a bow around the neck of your Socktopus.

You can also access the tutorial that Craftsylish published here.

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Sue said...

How very cute! I showed your pumpkins to Rob and they were an inspiration. Next year we'll probably try the big bat one.