Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

This weekend we went to the New York Botanical Gardens to see the giant pumpkins. Pretty big eh? It weighs over 1000lbs!!I have also been decorating our front porch for Halloween. Last year I went to Michaels (after Halloween) and stocked up on craft pumpkins that were on sale. This year I discovered that Target sells craft pumpkins too at an even better price point. All the pumpkins have been sitting in our basement waiting to be carved and recently I managed to carve a few for our porch. I have used a mixture of craft pumpkins and real pumpkins for our Halloween display this year and orange fairy lights rather than real candles. I hope our craft pumpkins will be used year after year after year. I like the way it looks - but I feel I need lots more pumpkins ... here is a closer look.
Above is a spiders nest - I used a pack of 100 plastic spiders on the inside of the pumpkin and a little bit of the fake spider web. The faces below are an idea from Martha Stewart Pumpkin and Carving Decorating ideas. Each pumpkin has a hole drilled in the back of it and I put about six fairy lights from the string into each pumpkin.
This chap my lovely sister carved for us when she was recently here on a visit - it is supposed to be a portrait of her boyfriend. I stuck a carrot in the pumpkins nose hole - but this is no comment on what I think of my sister's boyfriend - he is very nice! And below is another idea adapted from Martha Stewart. I added black paint to my pumpkin houses and I love them - I shall be making some more for next year - perhaps we will have a whole pumpkin village!
Above is another take on a Martha Stewart idea - but I used a black pumpkin and a bat rather than a vulture. I was a bit disappointed with the mouse house pumpkins below. Maybe too many mice?
I love Halloween. Thanksgiving is my husband's favorite and luckily for him that is right around the corner too!


Sue said...

You've got some great pumpkins. I especially like the mouse house and the bat cage. Rob is going to carve ours and the dogs get to eat the meat. Yum!

hetty said...

Lovely pumpkin display. I haven't even thought about mine yet. But I do have a couple of real pumpkins that grew in my backyard, planted by some eager squirrels.

Unknown said...

Rachael, I am so impressed with your carving skills...mine always look like a 3 year old did it! The upside down bat is awesome.

dottycookie said...

Oh, these are fabulous! You are clever :-)