Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Fabulous Tea Party and a retrospective of sorts ...

I'm elated. I'm crafting again. It feels SO good - I really had forgotten how much happiness having a creative outlet brings me.

But I really have been a bit busy - the kind of busy where you collapse into bed each night wondering where the day has gone. Repeat this endlessly - and occasionally cry about it ;-) So to recap this is what I have been up to:
  • Packed and moved - twice - or was it three times? - I lost count - it feels like six.
  • Lived (pregnant) in a 300 sq ft studio apartment above a garage with husband, small toddler and a dog while we renovated the house (noise and dust like you would not believe).
  • Moved into not yet completed renovated house (heavily heavily pregnant).
  • Attempted to unpack and arrange furniture before baby arrived while drilling, painting etc still went on around us.
  • Had baby#2 (after 2 months of 'false' labor - Note: there is nothing 'false' about false labor).
  • Continued renovation and continued to unpack while looking after two adorable and much loved small children.
  • Eventually (very recently) managed to unpack Bernie and felt a renewed level of happiness - even though I was only mending husbands shorts and g-diaper covers.
  • Begged, pleaded and cajoled baby to nap at the same time as small toddler so I could have a small amount of time to myself each day.
  • Won the nap battle with baby - hurrah!!
  • Took a deep breath.
  • Decided to make this tea party set.
I wanted to make a fun coordinating tea party set that would help any little girl throw a most excellent and very proper tea party. The fabrics I used for this project were all left overs from previous projects (A Lucky Baby Bunny (Nov '09), How do you work? (Aug '08) and Swap Shots (July '08) - seriously? have I really had everything packed up and stored away for that long?)

The set consists of a picnic mat, an apron, a tea towel, a tea cosy, 6 napkins and 6 party hats.I embellished with pink ribbon and lace.
Party hats ready?
Hostess ready?
Tea brewed?
What a fine tea party! The cupcakes are from my Cupcake Tutorial made back in May 2008 - I must make more of those.

Anyone remember the knitted Bunny Picnic? ... I can't believe that was back in May 2008 ... time just rushes by.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your tea party set is adorable! What a fun way to encourage lots of imaginative play.

Glad you are finding a bit of time to sew - that is what kept me sane when my kids were babies/toddlers.

Sounds like you have been super busy - it is lovely to see you back here!

Sue said...

The set is beautiful and I'm sure will provide many hours of fun. I have wonderful memories of a set of china cup and a tea pot that my Mom gave me when I was about four.

ps - I'm so glad you're crafting again. You have too much talent to let it slide.

dottycookie said...

Lovely to see you again! I am astonished you've managed that much beautiful sewing with two small ones - I'm sure it took me much longer than that to get back into the swing of things!

hetty said...

Oh, it's so wonderful to see you back. Sounds like you have been super busy! Love the tea party! Glad you were able to coordinate the nap times of your little bunnies and give yourself some creative time.

Anonymous said...

how fabulous!! When my daughter was small we used to have tea parties like this, but never in so much style! Great you can now have some time to create or maybe rest too.