Monday, February 16, 2015

If you buy one thing this year ...

... it should be a couching foot.

Save your pennies or sell an arm or a leg. This thing is so much fun it should be outlawed!! (And yes this is a non smoker, non drinker, passionate free motion quilter talking - so I have a pretty low base to what 'fun' is!)

I went through my sketch book and tried pattern after pattern.

Nothing disappointed. You can also fill in areas with the yarn making solid shapes. That was fun too.

 Some areas reminded me of elements from crewel embroidery.

This is such a perfect way to use up all those little bits of yarn you haven't thrown away. I used cream yarn - pretty big - I use this yarn with US10/6mm needles. I couched onto a piece of wool that I had been gifted from Auntie Chris. It is beautiful but it is really quite stiff too. What can I use it for? I was thinking maybe turning the piece into a bag? Any ideas?

I have so many ideas that could be done with a couching foot. I hope I get to complete some of them this year.


asf said...

This is so gorgeous! I can see what you're

Cindy said...

Great idea! I have a lot of leftover yarn and a couching foot! I have some really stiff canvas, I may try it with that for a wall hanging.

Unknown said...

Cindy - wall art would be fabulous! I think next time I will try couching on cotton - in the hope couching be made into something more flexible. I see making some bags from this piece perhaps?