Monday, April 21, 2014

Longarm Quilting Services

It seems that I have inadvertently started a Longarm Quilting service! I got Freddie to help me with the charity I am trying to set up 'Quilting A Memory' - so that I could quilt my memorial and memory quilts in an easier, more effective way and to a better quality.

It is true that Freddie lives in my bedroom. It is true that we are now deeply in love.

So I have decided to post some information about the cost of my longarm quilting services in the sidebar - and if you feel moved to do so - please contact me and I would love to quilt for you. 50% of all quilting costs go to Quilting A Memory. Quilting A Memory is a charity that provides free quilting services to the families of fallen/lost service men & women - making memorial & memory quilts filled with love from their clothes and or uniforms.

So to celebrate posting this - here is a quilt I just finished for a client Maria Gualdoni. Maria was so pleased with the the result of this quilt - she proudly showed it off at a recent guild meeting - which I have to admit felt really good.  I hope you enjoy the quilting eye candy that follows.

And some back quilt candy. 



Fran said...

What a work of art!

Chris Dodsley @made by ChrissieD said...

Loved it at the Guild meeting - Maria has made an amazing quilt and you've quilted it to perfection :D

Adrián Gualdoni said...

I'm Maria's brother and the proud recipient of this quilt. It's now on my bed, gracing my bedroom. I love it! Thank you for a job greatly done! (I already thanked my sis in person ;)