Friday, September 6, 2013

Kid Painted Quilt #4 - Shaving Foam Rainbow Paint

We spent a great deal of time the other day playing with shaving foam paint. It was so successful that I thought perhaps we could use the same technique on fabric. Armed with my Biocolor paint and Fabric Medium we went outside with fat quarter size pieces of white fabric a couple of cans of shaving foam.

Putting in the shaving foam proved to be the highlight of this activity to my 4 year old who had already explored this activity for over an hour the day before.

I should have stuck the fabric down - but the kids still got to work - smearing on the thick & puffy mixture of paint & shaving foam.

I had the kids in painting t-shirts (Daddy's old t-shirts) - ready for them to engage in some messy play. But it was one of those days - no one particularly wanted to get dirty.

I thought the kids would smear and squish with their hands as we had done the afternoon before - but instead today was a paint brush day.

My eldest did however enjoying coming up with the idea of slapping the paint brush from a great height down onto the fabric sending the foam flying ....

... kaboomb!

Here are our fat quarters all laid out and drying.

As the mixture dried the colors got darker.

Here are the fabrics before I put them in the washer (twice due to the immense amount of shaving foam on them!!)

And here is our finished little quilt. I used this tutorial here to help me construct this Around the World pattern with our rainbow colors. I adapted it as my blocks are 7 squares by 7 - I don't know if this take on the pattern is illegal in the quilting world.

Unfortunately our violet & purple were just too close in color - so I removed the violet and just used the purple - so our quilt is a little smaller than I had intended - but I think it shows the soft smears and mottling that shaving foam brings to your dying/painting process.

I had also used a bubble/dot white on white print for our fabric - you can still clearly see the bubbles/dots through the fabric paint. I have not used straight lines for quilting in a very long. For this quilt I sewed in the ditch and then on the diagonals - following the patterns of the blocks.

I always forget that simple can look delicious too. I'm actually in love with the back of this quilt. I used a cute white & pink print and the simple straight and diagonal lines really appeal to the inner minimalist in me. Negative space is something I really want to explore more in quilting.

We are building up quite a collection of fun mini quilts that the girls have helped me create this summer!

Our other kid painted fabric projects this summer have included:


Susan M said...

I love this! Such a beautiful quilt, and it looks like it was lots of fun, too! Great project, Mom!

Sue said...

Really cute. I have to go back and read more about shaving cream painting. Where do you get these ideas?

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Susan - I really appreciate your comment - it was fun. It was a fun pattern to sew too.

Unknown said...

Mostly from reading/looking for activities to do with the bunnies - then I adapt them to use with fabric so I find them more interesting to me! Selfish eh!!

karmyl said...

What a wonderful project with splendid results! Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Karmyl - it is a cute little quilt.