Friday, December 2, 2011

Grandma's Hat

A friend of mine lost her Grandma recently - it was a great loss for their family. Grandma left behind a half finished hat for her daughter. I was very touched when I was asked to finish it. Grandma's eyesight wasn't so strong - so there were a couple of mistakes that I tried to cover up with some little flowers. I hope I did it justice.


Sue said...

Very pretty and a very nice thing to do. When my Mom died, she was in the middle of making doll blankets for her first granddaughter, my niece. I finished hers and added a few of my own designs and sent them off. They were well loved.

kata said...

I'm very touched from this story, you finished her work really nice.
God bless you!

dottycookie said...

That is indeed an honour,and you did them proud. Lots and lots of brownie points for that good deed!