Friday, February 8, 2008

If I had a baby .....

..... which I don't ... but if I did .... they would have a baby quilt like this.
Made from recycled blue cotton shirts, the white material was from left over projects and each bunny is cut from a fake pashmina that was an emergency purchase in Hong Kong for $5! The bunnies are SO soft I can't tell you ... just like real bunnies?
I love baby quilts - just because they can be used for so much - as a baby quilt, as a play mat, as a snuggle blanket for toddlers ..... and don't forget they can be recycled into quilted bags as well!
Oh no - I think these two naughty little rabbits have decided that they like the quilt too!

Stay posted for the next recycled shirt whose bunnies are cut from Nana's recycled wool trousers!!


Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest little stuffed animals!

Bumpkin Hill said...

OO I adore that quilt, I would make one too if I had a baby :)
Hugs, Catherine x