Monday, November 19, 2007

Recycling for Rabbits

After falling out with Bernie rather badly last week. I decided that perhaps he would like to come with me at the weekend instead of staying in the city - perhaps he missed me. So off we went together - and we seem to be firm friends again.

I have been pouring over my craft books and on Saturday I was reading Denyse Schmidt Quilts: 30 Colorful Quilt and Patchwork Projects again. (I am trying to organize my thoughts and ideas so that in the new year I am ready to go with a whole list of creative projects and gifts!) Suddenly, and quite randomly, I found myself boiling old sweaters and making rabbits - these rabbits are loosely based on Denyse Schmidt's "Steve" pattern (see the three Steve's below.)
I seem to find making rabbits rather fun and these are definitely more quirky than any softie I've made before. Aaron and I are still giggling at the "pink disco ballerina" rabbit - she just looks like she got SO over excited dressing up in pink things. Perhaps too much pink?

One of my new years resolutions will be to make more things from recycled materials. Stay posted to see what wonderful (or strange) things are produced!

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