Friday, October 12, 2007

Some completed Christmas Tree Skirts .....

I have finally finished some Christmas Tree Skirts - here is the original design ....
.... and the finished product!! The skirt is reversible with a felt scene on one side and a quilted patchwork design on the reverse. The patchwork has a decorative silver stitch along each seam. It looks quite pretty underneath the tree. Although I am pleased with the finished result - I think I have decided that I will use more symmetry in future Christmas tree skirt designs.

I have also made two Christmas tree skirts from recycled silk ties each skirt has a velvet reverse. I would just like to mention that it is REALLY hard to photograph silk and velvet - the light catches each lump and bump and my photographs show wrinkles you can't even see. I think a lot of it is down to the high sheen of the fabric. Does anyone has any ideas how to make this easier in the future?

This white silk skirt has a green velvet reverse, crimson red rope trim and very decorative white fasteners. I have to thank Sarah for this idea - I think it is really effective and they are so pretty you can actually have the fasteners at the front of the skirt rather than hiding the seam at the back of the tree!

This Christmas tree skirt was made from silver silk ties. The reverse is a warm charcoal grey color. It reminds me of the color of Russian blue puddy cats. The rope trip is white, blue/grey & beige and the fasteners are a similar grey color!

I have also decided that I need to start documenting my patterns - and I plan to start posting them on my website on my new Patterns & Recipes page.


Anonymous said...

Clearly I am a complete thickie. I honestly thought that a Christmas Tree skirt was something one wore out! Takes me a while to catch up!

Anonymous said...

I love these tree skirts! I clicked on your Patterns & Recipes link above, but the page could not be found. Do you offer tutorials or patterns for these skirts?