Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wow ..... and thank you

Wow ..... I can not believe the response to my Green Bunny Bag .... I'm very excited and really looking forward to picking out the winner! Did you know that you can recycle plastic bags too? Go to to find out your nearest drop location (I was excited to find this link!) I seriously believe that we don't need to use plastic shopping bags at all. I have stayed true to my resolution and I have not used/taken one plastic bag since Jan 1 ...... until ...... the postman left a package (iHanna's Creative Year) for me IN a plastic bag to protect it from the snow. I was so upset. Does this count?

In my distress I had to make some bunnies .........

Talking of snow. It is utterly beautiful here at the moment - there is about 3 inches of crisp white snow on the ground and the sun is shinning so brightly. Every time I look out of the window I feel I'm living in one of those super pretty Christmas cards - I know I'm bias and think I live in the most beautiful little house ever .... but I just wanted to share my feeling of utter contentment this morning ....

Thank you again ... I really hope you keep reading.


christopher said...

Here is my dilemma. It is out of our way to go shopping for food so we try to only go once a week. As are result we generally end up with a number of bags (~6-10) and while 1 reusable bag folds up neatly 10 require much more space. Additionally we then reuse the plastic bags for our garbage cans and packaging. Now I suppose if we tried hard enough we could just have a bunch of reusable bags in the car but then we'd have to buy garbage bags...Maybe the answer is somewhere in the middle.

Thanks for the bag recycling link - that's a great find. Sadly recycling is too hard still. Its fine for people that want to do it and are willing to put in the extra effort but almost none of my neighbors can be bothered with it and I have to admit my town makes it difficult even for seasoned recyclers. Its sad but I think in my area most plastic bags have little change of returning to the store for proper recycling. Oh well - if we each do a little we can all do a lot. Keep up the great work.

iHanna said...

Absolutly not, it doesn not count if you didn't choose to be given the bag! And especially if you will recycle it! tHANks for linking and buying my book - let me know what you think, I love getting feedback! Tell me, please.

take care

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