Monday, January 21, 2008

Tutorial: Bunny Bunting

I was digging through my box of material and I came across some old scraps of fabric and I was suddenly possessed to make some bunting. My husband tells me that bunting isn't really used in America ... but having done some research - it seems that it is indeed an American thing: "A lightweight cloth material often used for flags and festive decorations (American)."
So I made my bunting - and it was SO pretty ...... I want to keep it. But then I became possessed by bunting fever (careful - it is so pretty and quick to make it becomes addictive!) And what would be perfect for bunting?? well bunnies of course!
So along came my Bunny Bunting - which would be perfect for Easter, picnics or children's parties !! Bunting is also a perfect (and decorative) way to use up odd bits of material and I fear I should have really used recycled fabric ....but perhaps I can do that for the next bunting project!
My flags have been cut using pinking shears and I made the pattern up as I went along - but I have found a lovely pattern for making double sided bunting at Whip Up I think this looks quite delicious and would be a wonderful gift for a new born baby.

Here is my pattern:
Rachael Rabbit's Simple Spring Bunting

You will need:
  • Triangle template
  • Pinking sheers
  • 14ft+ of bias tape
  • A selection of pretty fabrics
  • Cotton for sewing
1) Cut flags from your fabrics using your template and pinking sheers

2) Fold the bias tape and sew 14" of the bias tape together. (This will ensure you have enough ribbon on the end of the bunting to tie it up)

3) Add the flags one by one leaving just under an inch between each flag.

Note: I used a plain straight stitch - but you could use a decorative stitch if you wanted to.

3) Ensure you sew 14" of the bias tape together at the end of the bunting.

4) Hang and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Now I just need a pattern for the bunny!! My little rabbit loving 6 year old will go crazy if I make bunting like this for over her windows. Thank you for the idea!


kecia said...

i love it and thanks for the tutorial. i think i'm going to try my hand at this!
xoxo kEcIa

Anonymous said...

> Great bunting, especially the pretty pink one, and I love the bunnies on the Easter one too.

If you are cutting out a lot of these, look out for a "pinking" blade for your rotary cutter. I found one of these at a quilting show here in the UK and it makes life a lot easier (less wear on the thumb too!)

I paid £2.99 for mine.