Monday, January 12, 2015

Cloud 9 Cirrus Solids

I'm sure you have seen this advert for Cloud 9's range of Cirrus Solids. They are GORGEOUS colors and fabrics to touch. I was really taken with them when quilting this top - soft and vibrant.

Cloud 9 has a Block of the Month challenge going at the moment. Our guild (NYC Metro Modern Quilters) took on the challenge and made a beautiful quilt. I got to quilt it! Maria pieced the quilt and suggested the feather running up the middle. This is essentially a little bit of an quilters eye candy post ;-)

Huge thanks to Maria - who suggested the feather - because I would never have dreamt of that and I think it looks pretty cool

You can read about who won the block challenge on the Cloud 9 website Which one do you think should have won? I think they are all pretty fab.

Maria & I holding the quilt up at our guild meeting.


Thimbleanna said...

Very cool Rachael!

Andrea said...

Beautiful, as usual, Rachael.

Debbie Rogowski said...

omg that is just too cool!!! I would love to try something like that too. I've just started to follow your posts with RSS so I've been learning a LOT from you!! Thank you so much!