Sunday, January 18, 2015

C- in Social Media (continued)

I seem to be working on a lot of things I can not yet share with you so here are some recent pictures I have taken with my phone & probably failed to post them anywhere ....

Part way through this quilt my machine lost its timing. It has happened so regularly that I felt my only option was to send it back to Handiquilter for a full service. (By the way Glen at Handiquilter technical desk rocks!)

We took the opportunity to dismantle the frame and move it down to the basement

I was beyond stressed sending him off. 

My new 'room' (cupboard) is just big enough. I can't put on any weight - I won't fit!!

My kids made gorgeous art as Christmas presents - it was really hard to give them away. This is an apple tree my 5year old painted and put collage on top. 

I learn to make a Lone Star quilt - this is a really lovely quilt I have made for a fallen soldiers family - stay posted. 

I get given SO much wool fabric you would not believe how long it took to wash, fold and organize 7 big trash bags of fabric (thank you Auntie Chris!!)

Freddie comes home and he is PERFECT. I want to hug and kiss Glen - luckily for him he is in Utah and I am in New York.

I learn to sew on dolls hair. 

I re-load the pre-Christmas quilt - which is a quilt laden with various disasters. I name it the 'what not to do quilt'.

A pillow to go with the previously mentioned Lone Star quilt. 

It gets really cold - this is my workroom window. 

I get to play with my new couching foot - more fun than eating a box of Jaffa Cakes while getting your feet rubbed!!

What have you been up to?

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Bekah said...

Looks busy!! Love the couching... So pretty!!
Things have been busy for me with schoolwork, although definitely feeling inspired to break out the sewing machine after seeing your lovely work!!