Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Two-tone Playsiks

Our coffee filter butterfly tree has gotten many a compliment (we sadly just took it down to make our Halloween tree.) If you remember we made many of our beautiful butterflies by simply dipping and hanging our coffee filters in liquid watercolors. I know I must seem mildly obsessed by dying silks but it did make me wonder if we could make play silks this way. Just dip the silk in two pots and let it sit there and soak up the colors.

In each container is filled with approx 16oz of hot water, 6oz of vinegar & a good squirt or more of food coloring. You can read more about dying play silks with kid friendly dyes here, here & here.

We left the silks to soak for 30mins or so.

The results were really quite pretty - I gave into the imperfections in the color and enjoyed the design that the process resulted in. 


Here is Bunny #1 running around the garden pretending to be a butterfly. 

They also make really pretty neck scarfs.

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Sue said...

I meet so many people who are afraid of color. It's a delight to see your girls learning to enjoy it.

Rachael Dorr said...

I am actually terrified of color - but sssssh - don't tell anyone!!