Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Celebrate with me with Cupcakes and Tea?

This idea was inspired by Kathy of Lizzie Jane who said it was a shame we couldn't get together for cupcakes and tea.

1 year ago today I left full time employment to concentrate on my love of making things. I have absolutely no regrets and now practically no income but I don't think I could ever go back to working in an office again. My biggest thank you has to go to my husband who has supported me (quite literally as well as emotionally) but I also want to really thank anyone who has ever left a comment on my blog or sent me a lovely e-mail. The support and encouragement has meant more to me than words can express.

I think it is a pity (and really amazing) that we (in the crafting blog-o-sphere) are so spread out across the world - and that distance prevents us from getting together on occasion for a yummy cupcake and tea. I can't imagine the amount of cooing and aahing we would do over each others work - the endless conversations about the latest 'it' craft technique - the ideas we would come up with - not to mention the support and encouragement!

So to celebrate my anniversary I am inviting you to join me for a 'Cupcakes and Tea' swap. If you would like to join in please send me an email to with the following information;
1. name
2. email address
3. postal address
4. website/blog details (if you have one)
5. favorite color
Sign up by June 20th, and I will send you your swap partners information by the following Monday. Your cupcake themed craft item will need to be made and sent (with your favorite type of tea) by Friday 25th July, so that gives you over a month of crafting time. Please make your cupcake goody out of anything BUT food! Here are some ideas from flickr ....
1. Felt Cupcake Ornament, 2. Holiday Swirl Cupcake Ornaments, 3. felt club: cupcake from sew darn cute, 4. felt cupcake, 5. felt cupcake birthday card/pin, 6. Glass Cupcake Earrings, 7. cupcake, 8. Handpainted CupcakePlaque, 9. Scatoline #1, 10. cupcake pins, 11. petit four pin cushion, 12. cakes, 13. Cupcake Pillow (front), 14. Chocolate, Ms. Darcy's Knitted Cupcakes, 15. Strawberry Swirl Cupcake, 16. Birthday Cupcake - knitted


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Fantastic idea Rachael!! Count us in - I will email you our details!

driftwood said...

count me in too, I'll email you later, and put a mention on my blog if you like.

pink-petal-designs said...

I would love to be in.
Sarah x

periwinkle said...

I'd love to say yes but I don't think I could do anything good enough.. it's a great idea though.. I'll be there in spirit
Lisa x
p.s do i e-mail you the sunflower results?
Lisa x

frazzydazzles said...

I would love to be in but I have never created a cup cake that didn't have an egg in it! Best of luck I look forward to seeing the results - Jen

LizzieJane said...

This is going to be so much fun, I will send you all my info later this week!

Dyan said...

Sounds fun and I love cupcakes. I'll send you an e-mail soo. I completely relate to what your saying about leaving your office job and not looking back. I feel the same. I wouldn't exchange the peace of mind and creative freedom for anything.

Kitty said...

Oh wow - I am so tempted, but the way life is at the moment means I should say no. Unfortunately. Hopefully you'll do it again sometime, and if we're settled by then, I'll be in it quicker than quick!

Can't wait to see all the lovely cupcakes that get crafted for this swap.


Charlie P said...

Nooooooooo! I've already agreed to another swap which I will go over the deadline for and would definitely miss the sending deadline for this one. It sounds like the best swap ever- cake AND tea :(
If you ever do cake and tea swap #2 let me know!

I must be great to be making things full time after being in an office. Good for you!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Oooh! Cupcakes & tea - how could I resist? Please sign me up!


momof2gr8kids said...

count me in.. will email you my stuff. this day!! wow what excitement.! I love your blog! what fun!

twiggypeasticks said...

Ohhh can I join in please? I'll be on hols 21 -28th June but I PROMISE to contact my partner after my hols, before if possible. What fun.
Twiggy x

BigCat said...

I've just sent you my details. It sounds like great fun.

momof2gr8kids said...

I put a link to you on my blog. I too will be on holiday 21-28 but promise to take my laptop with me.. to email my partner and start right away on the fun.

quiltygal said...

Count me in love these swaps

Kelly said...

Definately count me in... I'll email you my details.
I also put up a link from my blog.
Great idea..

zoesquid said...

Its sounds like fun, but unfortunately Im about to re-embark on full time work next week, so probably a case of bad timing. I'll enjoy watching it all unfold though.

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Oooh, I can't resist a cupcake swap! Please add me to your list xx

April said...

Hi, I just found you via Twiggy and there is no way i can resist a cupcake swap, so please add me to the list - am emailing my details now!!!

April xx

Lucy @attic24 said...

ooo lovely idea, I cannot resist!
I'll email my details, please count me in..

Robyn said...

Hi Rachael :c)

I thought this sounded cute, but not for me...but....I cna't stop thinking about it, so I'm in!!! Wooohoo!!
What a cute idea.
...and Fun!!!

Robyn xx

GenerallyGemma said...

I've emailed you! I haven't done a swap in ages!

OzRose said...

....and no calories!!!! Count me in please :)

Dolly said...


My favorite combo......
Count me in
I wanna play too!

Hugz, Dolly

Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

Hi Rachael!

Congrats on your crafting life anniversary! I would love to take part in your swap - this sounds like lots of fun =) I will email you my info.

Best wishes,

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Ooooh! Fun! Please count me in. I will be emailing you my details. Thank you for hosting! :)

Rachelmp said...

Hi Rachael... just emailing you know...hope I make it in time. Cute cute cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up!

Sherry Campbell

valarie kraft said...

I hope there is still space available. If so, count me in!!
Valarie Kraft

susan said...

i just wanted to thank you again for hosting this swap, it was a lot of fun

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