Friday, December 12, 2014

Moroccan Tile Quilt

I love the texture on this quilt for many reasons.

You will remember from my previous post that the quilting on this quilt is based on the designs on hand-painted Moroccan tiles. 

A big mix of different designs. Only a few of the blocks are the same.

Some up close shots? 

I feel like I succeeded with making the transition from tile design to quilted design.

The jewel tones of the peppered cotton and against the gold thread is a combination I could definitely work with again. The gold thread is subtle, a hint of glimmer - not too much sparkle. (But enough for us girlie sorts!)

I know this was a lot of photos but it was hard to choose my favorites!! The batting I used for this quilt was wool - with the washed peppered cotton and wool batting the quilt is very soft and drapes softly - as you can see it doesn't hang so well - but I am hoping it will be perfect for wrapping yourself up in when good friends can not be there to hug you.


Sue said...

It looks like you're having so much fun with your art. Love it!

Barb N said...

What an excellent job you've done on this! And so much fun to do different motifs in each square. Question: How big are the squares? They look fairly small. And if so, what stitch length do you use to quilt that tightly?

Rachael Dorr said...

Hi Barbara, How are you? The squares were around 5.5-5.75" finished. A random measurement I know - but I used every inch of the pashmina I could. For this quilt I used a 14 or 13 stitch per inch. I really hope that helps.