Friday, July 11, 2014

Memorial Quilt: Coats & Kilts - Quilt #4

This is the final quilt in a series of 4 quilts made for a family with deep Irish roots. The father would travel to Ireland over the years and bring back Irish kilts and traditional dresses. All these garments were kept alongside some gorgeous childhood coats.

This quilt is a double Irish Chain pattern. The dominating fabrics for this quilt is the green velvet taken from this traditional Irish dress and a child's pink wool coat.

I removed all the ribbon from the dress very carefully so it could be in squares in the quilt. I also had to add some pink flannel to the quilt so that I had enough pink for all the diagonal squares in the pattern.

And similar to the 1st quilt I completed for this family I used some squares from the blue cotton dress with ribbon & lace still showing. 

I completed the Doctors without Borders Quilt before quilting this quilt which gave me a good platform to practice my feathers. 

This quilt has a lot of feathers on it. In the center of every chain is a medallion of feathers. Some feathers are on straight spines ...

 ... others are on curved spines.


There are feathers on the border ... 

... that curl around the corners. 


And the back - even my husband commented on how pretty the back was!

I am going to really miss these quilts! Such a lot of work - I think maybe at least 100+ hrs in each!


Thimbleanna said...

Wow Rachael -- what a TON of work! This one is another beauty -- what a lucky family to have you create such treasures for them!

asf said...

They're all really gorgeous! Props to you for giving such a wide assortment of fabric such harmony and beauty. You've made it look easy but it's not!

Anonymous said...

All of these quilts are wonderful and I hope they will be the families you made them for for a very long time, what a great gift to pass down from one generation to the next . Love all of them, great job. Aaron has great taste too! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Barb N said...

I'm sure you're not exaggerating when you say 100 hours to make one of these quilts - they are such a lot of work, but it's turned out so well! I love your feathers, and the ribbon blocks are a great touch.

Irina said...

It is a great project!