Monday, May 5, 2014

Tutorial: Sixty Minute Split Strip Quilt

And try and say that in a hurry!

Sixty Minute Strip Quilt 
(Top only  - twin size.)

Material needed for top:
~ 5 yards of different fabrics – cut into 5” width strips (making the strips wider gives the quilt a more modern bolder look)
~ or 35 x 5” WOF strips to make a scrappy version.

- Sew all your strips together into one big strip – mixing up the materials in random or in a pattern 

- Fold your long strip in two and sew along the right edge – when you reach the end/or fold – cut the bottom

-  Continue folding the strip and sewing along the right edge & snipping the bottom until you have 16 strips sewn together.  

- The width of your quilt so far should be approx. 72” - measure 72” up the quilt and cut straight across. You will have 1 x 72" square and 1 x rectangle approx 72" wide. 

- Turn the 72” square 90 degrees and sew the cut off strip back onto the square. 

- Baste & quilt your quilt. 

- Trim & square corners.

- I  added a cute pink ribbon & bow at the 72” seam point (as this was made for a 7 year old) – but you don’t need to do this.

- Bind your quilt. 

The sewing for this quilt top only took me a little under 60mins. It would be an easy last minute project to make in a night .


Harriet said...


I just wanted to say thank you for this. I saw it yesterday and last night and this morning made a quilt for someone in need of a portable hug. I used the single strip method which I would never have thought of - lots quicker! I won't pretend it only took an hour but my excuse is the strips were about 2" (well some went up to 3" when I wobbled!) so there were a lot more of them. I finished this morning and it was really well received. Far from perfect but perfect for what I wanted. So thank you, you made at least two people happy today.


Rachael Dorr said...

Harriet - what a lovely comment. I am so glad this helped you. Yes with thinner strips the quilt will take longer. I hope your portable hug went down well. x